Deliberately Cloudy. Single Variety. Artisan Cider. 

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Deliberately Cloudy Single Variety Artisan Cider

Shawn Baker had a vision to create his own craft still cider, wanting to produce a really good quality product using a premium British apple. Bad Boy Cider is deliberately cloudy, made using a single variety of “Dabinett” apples, one of the most versatile cider apples from Herefordshire. Shawn researched all the apples available and settled on “Dabinett” due to its golden colour and nutty taste. No wine yeast has been used in this production; it’s all naturally fermented from the apple itself. This process takes a little longer but yields the result Shawn wanted.

Bad Boy Cider is very much a family business with all four of us getting involved in some form or other. Our children Daisy and Fred have been actively involved in the creation of our fruit ciders having told Shawn that you need to produce the fruits for the growing interest of the younger market and also their sweet tooth! Shawn’s wife Trudie came up with the idea of Bad Bitch! wanting to produce a sparkling pink cider for the girls.

We are currently experimenting with new varieties including Katy and Kingston Black, so hopefully new varieties to follow soon.

Artisan Cider

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