CHERRY – 20L Bag In Box

A beautifully balanced and refreshing sour but sweet Cherry cider.

We recommend our ciders are served chilled for maximum refreshment, all our ciders are made using the cold fermentation process from fresh juice not concentrate. Sparkling, still, Original and fruit.

Still. ABV 4%.


Food Pairing/Serving Suggestions

Our carbonated fruit flavoured ciders made with our Dabinett base have a light delicate flavour and are super fruity. Refreshing, quenching and zingy flavours, bursting with fruitiness. Sweet ciders can work well with a good curry as they help to extinguish heat, they also work well with blue cheese.

To help you make your selection it’s always good to start first by deciding whether you prefer a sweet or dry style cider. If you prefer a dry/scrumpy style your best starting point would be our Bad Boy Original, with our Blackberry / Strawberry and Lime being the sweetest. The Rhubarb is a mix of sharp and sweet. Ideally serve lightly chilled to allow the flavour to come through however served over ice for cold crisp refreshment.


All our ciders contain Sulphites to help maintain freshness, naturally gluten free and vegan friendly too.


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